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Planets: TEOS
Click Here to Play

A Few Brief Rules
1)Only one account per person. What happens if you have multiple accounts? You get all of them banned. Dont risk it, play fair.
2)I didnt make these games; I dont have the source code to change them; There are exploits in them. Thats fine. HOWEVER, there is one exploit that leaves your character "online" when you really arent. Dont use it. I might be forced to change your password, un-log off your character, and forget to tell you about your new password until AFTER your chars get deleted, and thats just a bad thing for everyone.
3)AskChopper.com Forum Rules apply here as well. Racism, Sexism, Exclusion or Hate based on anything like that will get your nuts cut off by me. ... Okay, not really, but I'll kill your accounts, and stick your ISP up on the AskChopper Denial of Service list. Not cool, so dont hate.

Quick Start
1)telnet to or Click Here to Play
2)Type: New
3)Follow the prompts, inputting your nickname, real name, and a small bit of contact info (for Lost Passwords, ect)
4)If it asks, select the Default Command Shell (#1)
5)Navigate through the Bullitin Board System mainly by hitting [ENTER]
6)You'll eventually come to a screen titled Synchronet Main Menu
7)To get to the games, type: X for E(x)ternal Programs
8)Type: 2 to get into the Games Menu
9)Type in the number of the game you wish to play
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