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Adreneline 4
RunUO Creator
UO Text Agent
(leet speak)
Always Light Patch
UOAutoPilot 28a
UO Mouse Cursor
8x8 UOA Macroer
UOCharacter View
UOHue Editor
UOScreen Saver
(for InsideUO)
Lord Anon's Email Faker

UO and Other Related Programs
These UO and UO-related programs may not be sanctioned for use by EA. Use of them may get your account banned if you get caught. But, then again, you're at AskChopper.com, so you probably already knew that.
Adrenaline 4 Tavu's famous SpeedHack. By far the most popular and best working out today.
Texter Texter is a program that allows you to use odd characters like hearts, spades, music symbols, japanese, and stars in Ultima Online talking. This program is my least risk program and is extremely fun.
Gesture This program enables you to execute strange gestures. Like making your character ride an invisible horse, punch air, run on the spot, die, and many many more. It also includes some scripts that allow for 'mini-plays'. There now is a built in script submitter and downloader to submit your scripts within the program and to download new scripts made by other people.
Velocity This speedhack is only recommended for dialup users. This program removes all your lag in moving and includes Adrenaline built right into it. It is only recommended for dialup users because there is pretty much no lag in moving for high speed internet users.
EscapeRoute This application will allow you to escape from any situation with the touch of a button. Not to be taken lightly!
RunUO Creator RunUO:Creator is a RunUO server house-hack program that allows you to commit illegal designs, add 4th stories to small houses, and even make ANY object in game as a decoration in your house!
UO Text Agent (aka: Leet Speak)A small application that will convert your ordinary text into 1337 speak.
Always Light Patch (may be outdated, works on older clients) Run this patch and your client will never darken at night. Remember to UNpatch your client for game updates.
EasyUO EasyUO is a totally free tool that enables you to write scripts that will make your UO characters perform, pretty much anything, you want them to.
UOAutoPilot 28a A simple script-based macroing program.
UOLoop A program that lets you loop UOA macros.
UOMonitor Simple program that tells you the status of UO Shards.
UO Mouse Cursor Want to theme up Windows? Use this UO style mouse cursor.
8x8 UOA Macroer Great way to find and keep those 8x8 runs.
InsideUO Know all those awesome UO Flash anims? This is how you take the graphics out of the UO files to use.
UOCharacter View Dress up and animate UO characters, mostly for use in Flash Anims.
UOHue Editor Find and Edit UO hues.
UOScreen Saver No idea on this one...
Lord Anon's Email Faker Thank you Lord Anonymous for this wonderful tool! Use this to create a one-time-use email address. No more spam!
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