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"How to take your red to trammel " submitted on 5/ 19 / 2012 IP:

Thanks to Kudos for submitting this bug.
Here is how you can take your red (murderer)
character to the trammel ruleset. You need to take
a blue character and place one of the old boats
(buyable in Britain) and park it next up to land with
the planks open. Take the key and lock it down in
a house your red is accessed to. Then on your red
recall onto the boat and walk off fast. Now this is
the tricky part. You need to walk off the boat right
before the message that "murderers are not allowed
in trammel" or it will kick you to the Chaos shrine in
fel. It also seems you need to run about 10 tiles
from the boat. It may take you several tries, but
eventually you will make it off and can run around in
Trammel. If you log out or cross a server line you
will be kicked back to fel, but you can place the
boat anywhere you want to go.

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