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"Valuable Additions to "More Money To Go Around" " submitted on 3/ 25 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Pope Fez for submitting this bug.
Having a young character to run around Ilshenar is great, but there is an area that *maximizes* your profits, and in different ways, and is *incredibly* convenient too. I'm more than likely gonna suffer economically myself from revealing this research, but I'm hooked on Chopper.

When you start your young provoker (with your LBR trial account, let's say), go to the Spirituality shrine in Ilshenar. Head out of the small area into the much larger area upwards.

Why the Spirituality area? It's simply The Best. Many, many reasons:

1) Serpentine Dragons are to be found there; they carry 2K each, and sometimes high-level magic items and treasure maps. Plus if they turn on you, and you're on a horse, they're easy to avoid.

2) Pixies are also there, in abundance. Easy to kill, and they sometimes spawn *rare* Statues.

3) Dragons give great leather; no one seems to know that pixies also give 20 leather hides when cut :)

4) Ethereal Warriors are there. These are one of the most toughest creatures in the game. They give good loot, but they're great tanks to provoke. ALSO: they will heal you when you're hurt. If they do die, they carry good loot. BTW: all above-said creatures carry 2 or more gems. Grab all of them to sell, they gather up very very fast.

5) Need to bank your stuff? In this area are a couple of gypsy bankers; just left click on em and pick Open Bankbox. (Of course, if you're overloaded, just pick Help from your paperdoll, and being young, you can recall to Haven anytime. But having nearby bankbox access saves *mucho* money-making time.)

6) The "Forest" Reputation creatures spawn is there, i.e. The Forest Queen. If she, or Lord Forest Oaks spawns, provoke anything under an ethereal warrior onto 'em and *blam* quick death for that creature and quick loot for you. Once you want to kill off the Forest Champion, provoke one or two ethereal warriors onto them. Go for a Fame Title!
NOTE: You can't provoke the Forest Champion. But you can provoke everything else (besides human healers) onto THEM. :)

7) Being young, if you die for some reason, you'll be sent back to the nearest shrine with all your stuff. Working in this area, you'll be sent to the Spirituality shrine, still right by the money-making area and a moongate. Just heal n' go, nothing lost, don't even need to find your body to get your stuff back. You're back in business in literally under a minute :)

8) Forested area, you can LJ. Surrounded by mountains, you can mine. Horses spawn here to work on taming and to be sold, if you want. Sheep are also found in the area. Lotsa meat to raise cooking skill.

9) Often if you see a bard having provoked two creatures fighting, you can get looting rights by successfully provoking them again. Or if someone is fighting a creature, you can provoke the creature away onto another. I'm saying this to show how much power you have over monsters and players as a totally newbie character in this area.

9) Having the young title works great in this area for asking people to share loot, or hell, just to give you stuff. Other people will have loot here, and probably feel generous; I've had one unsuspecting slob give me 10371 gp "to get me started."

10) And finally.the spawns are very HEAVY in and around this spot. No more running around all the time looking for two creatures near each other; here, you can have nearly a dozen creatures attacking each other in certain areas.

11) Around the mountain passages to the eastish you'll find the ethereal warriors almost always attacking the bone knights and skellies as quickly as they spawn. Just run thru and pick up the gold from the grey bodies.

12) And, finally, (thanks for the patience, Chopper, you rule the universe.), what about if the area is really really busy with others, getting in the way of your work? Well, take a break, and run thru the immediate Dungeon to the south with many floors and excellent loot-bearing monsters (blood elementals and succubi, which carry tmaps). They won't attack you in Ilshenar. An entire dungeon as an alternative *immediately* next door. And just maybe some poor sap will have turned to bones in the depths there, as well.;)

There ya go! A dozen reasons revealing The Best Moneymaking Spot In All Of Damn Ilshenar!!! Enjoy the fruits of my labour of running all over the land researching this over the weeks.

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