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"Train stealing from 70-120 easily on siege. " submitted on 12/ 9 / 2010 IP:

Thanks to Raptor85 for submitting this bug.
This is a bug exploits how ROT works, so this probably will not work on other shards. (only on siege + mugen)

Everyone knows the normal scripting method to train stealing, it's tiresome and involves stealing from a packie then putting the items back.

I found a much, much easier way.

You will need:
* A pack horse
* A stack of around 1000 gems (or any other less than 1 stone items, it needs to weigh a few hundred stones total, anything over 100 stones seemed to work for me)
* A safe place to sit.

Set up by placing the gems in a single stack on the pack horse, stand next to it, and attempt to steal the stack of gems. Set a macro on a key to "useskill stealing + lasttarget". Clip down key with your favorite chip clip and go do something else.

Now, obviously you'll fail every steal, but it still gives you gains! For some reason it also never partial steals using a large stack of gems, so you never have to move items back. (I believe it's a bug in how the stealing code evaluates items < 1 stone, as those are all this seems to work with)

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