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"Using NEW rename bug to its fullest potential " submitted on 4/ 16 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to Richmix for submitting this bug.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the rename bug, you can use numbers to rename items like runebooks, ships, houses, etc. Just do #XXXXXXX where #XXXXXXX is a significant 7-digit number found in cliloc.enu.

Also for those of you who don't know, you can drag an item off of a vendor's paperdoll and put it in his pack, at which point it will drop into your pack with the price and description you enter.

Now for the fun parts. You can use the # names in the item descriptions of items. Using #1000000 - #10000072 will erases any resists, damage mods, or anything else the item would normally have other than its name and replace it with tutorial text. You can sell it on your vendor for millions (to the dismay of whoever buys it realizing that it is a trick when the item reverts to normal after the purchase).

You can also load yourself to the max number of items +3. Do this by getting 125 items on you then taking single gold coins out of the pile until you have 128 items. Then do the pull off the paperdoll trick, enter description with # you want, and WOW! ubbar rare UO tutorial sword drops on the ground! If you move it, it will change, and if server up server down, it will change, but you can use it to display the ubbarness of your vendor.

As always, don't forget to bring a dummy account =). Note: using the #s on the vendor will erase the price. Try to distract them while they are buying.

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